Colin's List Of Worldwide Israeli Dancing Events
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Friday, 1 May 2020
7 Iyar 5780
1. Maj; Dia do Trabalho; Feest va de Arbeid/Fête du Travail; Festa del Lavoro; Festa do Trabalho; Fête du Travail; Fiesta Trabajo; Första maj; Maifeiertag; Staatsfeiertag; Vappu; Workers' Day
Title: 20° Festival Dalia
Friday, 1 May 2020

Rikudei-Am has a place in Buenos Aires - Come join us in May 2020 for an incredible festival.

Save the date for a moment that will remain in the history of rikudei-am in Buenos Aires.

Everyone's favorite format is back.

Celebrating dances together since 1978.
The Dalia Festival has returned to Buenos Aires!

With Michael Barzelai and Sagi Azran, the two most talented choreographers of rikudei-am of the moment, for the first time in Argentina.

Save the date for a moment that will remain in the history of rikudim in Buenos Aires.

A unique event, with the tradition you already know and the freshness of what we are bringing.

1-3 May, 2020

Organization of FACCMA next to Rikudim BA

Pre-register now at

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Title: Belev Echad
Friday, 1 May 2020

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