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Monday, 30 October 2017
10 Heshvan 5778
October Holiday
Title: Camp Nirkoda Ba'Kerem USA
Where: Camp Newman Santa Rosa, California 95404
Monday, 30 October 2017

Aaron Alpert is pleased to announce a new Israeli Dance camp in the San Francisco Bay Area! We'll be dancing at at beautiful Camp Newman in the heart of California wine country, so part of the weekend will include wine tasting at some Sonoma vineyards. Excellent wine and fantastic Israeli Dancing-what could be better?!

Yaron Malichi will be coming from Israel to share his infectious energy and friendly, outgoing personality. He's choreographed tons of wonderful dances such as Bocha Be'seter, Derech Ha'shalom, Al Salsalim, Bein Arbayim, Metukim (with Dudu and Avi), K'sheat Rokedet, Ha'lailah Yesh Chagiga, Chatan Bar Mitzvah, Z'man Pitziot, Ad Ha'sof (one of my personal favorites!), Malach Sheli, and Shir Mehalev.

Mitch Ginsburgh is a relatively young teacher, but has already won the admiration of dancers across the United States at many different camps with his unique style and creativity. He choreographed Baba Kosmi, Op, Ansi Dize La Novia, Vilna Ga'on, and more.

Erica Goldman is our DJ for the weekend. She has taught in and danced at so many places across the globe, she knows everybody's favorite dance! She's been the Director of Dance at Camp Alonim, the markida of LA's mostly couples session, a master teacher at Stockton, and more. Erica will keep you on your feet all night with a great program.

Karina Lambert, Loui Tucker, and Latishya Steele are markidot in the Bay Area, so of course they'll be joining all the Nirkoda Ba'Kerem fun! Those of you who are local already know how fantastic these three are, and those of you joining us from far away get to find out!

And who knows? There could always be more surprises ;)

Your camp director,

Aaron Alpert

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Title: Yenne Beginner with Vincent Parodi
Monday, 30 October 2017
contact Vincent Parodi

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